Goodbye and best wishes to Alexis

We regret to announce that Alexis Dunbar, our amazing Planning Assistant, has decided to pursue a professional opportunity that will allow her to spread her geographical wings and broaden her life perspective.

Because SoeFin is a small boutique firm based in her very familiar hometown, we unfortunately are not able to provide her with the wide travel opportunities and adventuresome environment she currently craves.

We are sad to see her go, but much as we will miss her bright spirit, professional focus and excellent abilities, we absolutely wish her the very best going forward. We know from experience that she will be a valued asset to any firm she chooses to work with in her career.

Go get ’em, tiger!

General SoeFin

Spring Quarterly 2023

Back to our current favorite off-site meeting place, Nevada City, CA. This time we again stayed downtown at Mary’s Place (such a calm oasis!), and had very productive meeting. The weather was gorgeous – cool during the evening and warm during the day.

For post-meeting celebration dinner, we tried a new restaurant, the Heartwood Annex a couple of blocks away on Commercial Street. Can recommend! Try their delicious traditional tan-tan ramen and house salad with creamy tahini 🙂

General SoeFin

2023 Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

2023 is going to be an excellent year! Our Annual Strategic Planning Meeting is a chance to pause and examine where we’ve been and where we’re going. Thanks to the EOS structure, we were able to plow through all the complicated stuff (numbers and projections are harder than they look!), and chart our course for the rest of the year.

This year we went to “Mary’s Place”, a lovely private home hideaway in the heart of downtown Nevada City, literally just a few steps from the picturesque shops and excellent restaurants in town. We’ll be coming back to this location again!

Community Financial Literacy General Nonprofit Sacramento

Financial Plannning seminar at Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Thank you to the Center for hosting the first “Financial Planning 101” seminar at their lovely headquarters in downtown Sacramento.

Susan gave a detailed overview of what the six areas of financial planning are, what they cover, and why everyone in this modern world should use good financial planning to help ensure their comfortable retirement.


Zihuatanejo Sunshine

Zihuatanejo Sunshine! After two-plus full years of working crazy hard, we finally took a real vacation!

We went to beautiful Zihuatanejo Bay, which is situated on the gorgeous tropical west coast of Mexico, about 100 miles north of Acapulco. Although not as well known (or touristy) as its more popular sister vacation destinations, Zihua (as the locals call it), is a little slice of paradise tucked in among the coastal foothills of the majestic Sierra Madre.

We stayed at a lovely private home above the bay, with incredible views of the Bay and the picturesque town of Zihua. On our last day there, we took a sunset cruise to Ixtapa with our friends on the supersmooth catamaran “Picante”.

To all of you who asked – yes, there was lovely relaxed beach time and fruity drinks with parasols!

General SoeFin

Welcome Alexis!

A hearty welcome to our new Planning Assistant, Alexis Dunbar! In her senior year as an honors student at Sac State, Alexis is studying financial planning and plans to sit for her CFP exam this fall.

We’re very pleased that she’s chosen to start her career with Soesbe Financial and look forward to having her be part of our team and help SoeFin grow.

General SoeFin

2022 Fall Quarterly Meeting

Our Fall Quarterly Meeting went very well and we accomplished all our tasks. We spent the day at one of our favorite team getaways, Madrone House at Nevada City. The fall foliage is coming in, and the mountains look gorgeous!

Looks like we’re meeting all our operational and revenue goals, and are on track for an excellent rest of the year. The EOS system is working out great for us, and making it possible for us to grow at a healthy pace, and our clients are pleased with the quality of service.

Our awesome former assistant Eric, who (much as he loved working at SoeFin) wanted a career with the State of California, diligently and successfully pursued this ambition and he reports that things are looking good for him at his new job. We’re very proud of him – go Eric!

Our new assistant, Alexis Dunbar, is fitting in nicely and growing into her role. We’re pleased to have her aboard!

General SoeFin

Goodbye and best of luck, Eric!

Our awesome assistant/tax intern, Eric Nguyen, has finally landed his dream job with the State of California Franchise Tax Board! He’ll be joining the good guys and learning how to audit lobbyists to help keep corruption out of our government.

Although we will miss him, we wish Eric all the best in his new career. Go Eric!

General SoeFin

Summer Quarterly Meeting 2022

What a great summer meeting this year! The team went to beautiful Nevada City, CA, for a couple of days and got to be tourists in the picturesque historical downtown area.

We spent a full, long but exciting day working through our agenda – calibrating projects, focusing goals, ironing out issues and setting direction for the next three and six month periods.

The views from our AirBnB were amazing!

Economy Financial Literacy Reference

Fed hikes rates 0.75 points

“Inflation remains elevated, reflecting supply and demand imbalances related to the pandemic, higher energy prices, and broader price pressures,” the policy committee said in a statement.

Fed steps up campaign against inflation with 0.75 point rate hike

via Axios

The Federal Reserve made an aggressive new move in its campaign to bring down inflation Wednesday, raising its target interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point, the steepest rate hike since 1994 — and indicated another similar move could be coming next month.

Driving the news: In addition to increasing their target for short-term interest rates to a range of between 1.5% and 1.75% Fed officials projected that their target rate will reach 3.4% late this year, far higher than the 1.9% they envisioned in March.

  • Speaking to reporters, Fed chair Jerome Powell said the central bank will likely raise interest rates again by a similar magnitude — or perhaps by a half-percentage point — at its next policy meeting in July.
  • “Inflation has obviously surprised to the upside over the past year, and further surprises could be in store,” Powell said.

Why it matters: The Fed has shifted toward a break-the-glass, emergency footing on inflation — but such abrupt rate hikes risk sending the economy into recession and markets plunging further.


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