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Tax Resources

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Interactive Tax Assistance
Get instant answers to most common tax law questions

Tax Return Transcripts
View and download copies of your past tax returns

Where’s My Refund?
Check the status of your refund online

IRS Witholding Calculator
Estimate your paycheck witholding

Free File
Prepare and file your federal income taxes online—it’s easy and it’s free!

Free Tax Return Preparation
Find free tax help for low-income people who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns.

Common Types Of Taxes

  • Income tax: a percentage of generated income that is relinquished to the state or federal government
  • Payroll tax: a percentage withheld from an employee’s pay by an employer, who pays it to the government on the employee’s behalf to fund Medicare and Social Security programs
  • Corporate tax: a percentage of corporate profits taken as tax by the government to fund federal programs
  • Sales tax: taxes levied on certain goods and services; varies by jurisdiction
  • Property tax: taxes based on the value of land and property assets
  • Tariff: taxes on imported goods; imposed in the aim of strengthening internal businesses
  • Estate tax: rate applied to the fair market value of property in a person’s estate at the time of death; total estate must exceed thresholds set by state and federal governments